Wednesday, December 25, 2013

 A Sweet Goodbye and a Merry Christmas

 Well it that time of year when we celebrate Christmas and remember the birth of Christ. With all the going on some times it just flies by to fast. I hope that we can all enjoy  this day with family and friend.

 As many of you know by now it is a Sweet Good buy to My Sweet Sketch Wednesday blog. I have had many mixed emotions. But have come to the fact that it must happen. I want you to know I will treasure all the memories and friendships I have made from having this blog.

 I need to thanks all my design team past and present for all there dedicated and countless hours sent in helping me make this Sweet Sketch Wednesday a success a success. As of today we have 693 followers. Ill I can say is WOW! I never dreamed it would be that successful.

Many of you did not realize by my sisters Judi and Nancy are also to thank. They were as dedicated to Sweet Sketch Wednesday as I was.  Each week would not have happened with out them. I would have given Sweet Sketch Wednesday a long time ago.

Then theirs all my Sponsors they were so generous. We loved there images. Hope you enjoyed there prizes. You all delighted us with your creative talent.

Well I must not forget Sally Dube this year for helping me by making Sketches. It has been so fun get sketches made by Sally. I can tell you she has spent lots of effort in this. Well we didn't want her efforts go to waist so I offered her to take over the blog. But decided it need to be so be sure to go over there next week for a new fun filled year.


This week our sponsor is Bugaboo. Below tells about Jodi and Bugaboo.

Everything That You Ever Wanted to Know About Bugaboo 

Stamps: As if raising five children in the frozen land of the

 North was not enough of a challenge, Jodie 

Mackrell decided to dip her cold little Canadian toes into 

the world of papercrafting by opening an online store full of 
her illustrations. That was two years ago. Today Bugaboo

 Stamps is one of the leading companies in digital images,

 and we're still growing! From seriously snarky to sugary

 sweet to sublimely soulful all the way over to the other

 side of the super sexy spectrum, you're bound to find all

 that you need and more to create your paper projects.

 Jodie works very hard to provide New Releases and

 Freebies every week!

If your taste runs to rubber (and you know who you are),

 you can findBugaboo Stamps stamps at Totally 

Stampalicious. And finally, join theBugaboo Stamps DT for 

weekly challenges at Catch the Bug.

Such a fun and SWEET image to work with. I knew I had to have it the moment I saw it.

Hope you like my card as much as I did. For some reason the lighting was making my pictures come as as good as they really look.

Well as I say good bye I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Be sure to check on me once in awhile. I would love to get your sweet comments when I post things. Have a Sweet Christmas Everyone!!!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ice Skating Rink

We have had so much snow this past week. It is sooooooo  Cold I can hardly tolerate it. It nice when you can be in and don't have to go out side at all. It is like and ice skating rink in some places.

I am on my way shortly to see if I can buy some boots with warm liners. Pattie image was perfect for this week. I loved the skate and figured why not double them. My add blues to the skates Was a  last minute decision. I decided on blue because of the Skate embellishment.  Our sponsor this week is Patties Creations at Sweet Sketch Wednesday!

Pattie Gomez Bio
I am an Internet Technology Professional and an Artist. I always dreamed of being an artist, but I found out quickly that I needed another field to support my family so I pursued a Degree in Information Technology. I love to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks to enhance my work.
I created a character called Pattieboop and her cat named Allie. I have had so much fun coming up with different images so I also created a site to sell them. You can go to my store to find out more about Pattieboop & Allie. I know you will just love them when you see them.
Pattieboop is an 11 year old girl who is very opinionated. She was created by me, Pattie Gomez on September 7, 2009. Pattieboop is an average 11 year old and she loves dressing up. She is very petite in nature but stands tall because her mother always told her that “If you stand tall you will one day become someone important”. Pattieboop always remembers her mother’s words and makes sure she is noticed.
Pattieboop has a favorite pet named Allie. Allie is a slender black cat and loves playing and spending time with Pattieboop. Allie spends most of her days napping and her nights are spent getting in to mischief
Prize at SSW!:  Choose 3 digis from shop

Have a sweet week Everyone! HUGS
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mom's Best Pies

My mom made the best pies ever. She always made her pie crust with out a recipe and it was always the best and just so perfect in ever way. Since mom didn't have a recipe. I never learned how to make her pie crusts. My sister Judi was the only one I remember attempting to learn how to make moms crusts. I did how ever get one of my pumpkin pie recipes that I can make. and it is so yummy. I can say i made this years pumpkin pie recipe.

Our sponsor this week at Sweet Sketch Wednesday is Ellisabeth Bell

Elisabeth Bells Digital Collection features enchanting, whimsical, Digital stamps for all of your paper-crafting projects!
Although Elisabeth illustrates for several stamp companies, no one except Elisabeth Bell herself has a collection of sweet digital stamps, this is a perfect way to get your instant gratification.

With a growing catalog of high-quality digi stamps, Elisabeth offers a multitude of themes. Such as holidays, special occasions, childrens adorable characters, and just the everyday cuteness that Elisabeth is famous for producing.

These Digi Stamps are available in standard black and white line art, and are great for resizing, and rotating to suite your needs.

Inspiration, by her very own Design Team, is posted, and shared daily, on Elisabeth’s “Digi Bells Blog” using Elisabeth Bell’s digital art.

Prize st SSW:  2 digis from the three that we have used

Well hope you have a Sweet week! Hugs

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