Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CSN Stores

May I ask you a favor regarding an upcoming review? Take a look at the link below for the CSN Stores

The gracious people at CSN Stores have offered me any item worth $150.00 to review. With 200+ stores, CSN carries everything from cookware to sofas.

I was pretty excited about this offer. They had so many choices. I looked for hours and will be looking again as I found several things I would like.

One thing for all you ladies that do cards and want to follow my sewing but don't have a sewing machine....They have an inexpensive sewing machine from Brother. You should go check it out. For the money difference I would get the computerized stitch one as they had three models.

Well this is what I have decide to do for the review

Paula Deen Porcelain Nonstick 12 Piece Cookware Set in Red

It has to be red and I can't wait to review it. I'll show you why in my review.

Be sure to check back for the review.
Also don't forget tomorrow is our Anniversary Blog Hop for Sweet Sketch Wednesday.


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